AmbitionOutdoor: An adventure to the next level 2

« Traveling without learning from the unknown is not traveling, it is moving » . As you may know I came back to France Mars 7 2015 after almost a two and a half years round trip. During this journey: 76 local people hosted me to hear my stories and life experiences 83 people took me hitch-hiking […]



El Misti: The 6000 border

  A well prepared trip . After I left Cusco to Arequipa, two things really catch my interest: The Colca Canyon and Arequipa’s guardian volcano: El Misti. The following day after my arrival and after I found a cheap but perfect guesthouse, I start thinking what I will need to take with me to make […]

Best Free Android App for Video Editing : Kinemaster

Editing video takes a lot of time. Why is it so worth it? . Until now I’ve been traveling in safe countries in Oceania and Southeast Asia. However South America has a different reputation, especially after the sun goes down. To minimise the risk of getting rob, I left my Go Pro and MacBook Air […]



Best photo editing apps for Android

The perfect photo editing app doesn’t exist… There are plenty of photo editing apps for Android on the Play Store, yet there isn’t the one that can fulfill my need on my devices. Indeed, to share with you all my amazing pictures, I need to use four photo editing apps. . . Google+ Photos tool […]

Best Exchange Rate Application: XE Converter 2

Why is it useful having a Currency Converter in your pocket? . Xe currency converter might be useful for the kind of travelers crossing many borders in a short amount of time. I was in this situation in Southeast Asia where I travelled through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in two and a half months. However […]