Truth about traveling on your own

Now I stay in Perth for 3 months. My blog activity has really reduced. Therefore I didn’t do exceptional things or something new which warranted an article. About that, you were able to follow my low activity on Facebook and Twitter.

Nevertheless, I realized many things during these 3 months.

First of all, the steps to discover a city looks like to the steps from your birth till a mature age.

After your birth, you start by crying. All is new around you. Your eyes are still closed but you can hear. Week after week you become more and more awake. You move, you smile, you laugh and miracle! You speak your first words!

Then you go to the crèche and you make friends. Your social life is building. Often your best friend appears here. With him you explore the word. But your parents don’t allow everything and you can’t go anywhere. Your area is limited. But year after year this limit becomes less and less present and when it disappears, you control your environment.

When you travel you go trough the same steps. At the beginning you don’t have landmarks, you are lost. Then you start to be more attentive in this new world. You flounder your first words in english. You go to the guest house and you develop your friendship. Therefore with these new friends you can see only the surface of things because your friends didn’t grow up in this city. They discover it at the same time than you. But when you meet your first local friend, you can see a new city.  You go trough the continent to the wide ocean and you get into a dimension which untill now was invisible.


The second reality is when you’re alone, you can’t do something interesting. Don’t confuse with a lonely travel which transform you more.

Did you already be alone 1 month, without friends to see, with nothing more in a deserted environment where only the city and these parks around it allow you to do something during your free time? That becomes a quite boring, especially when you have a lot of (even too much) free time! In other words I could reassess myself.

I’ve even redefined the Maslow’s pyramid!

To be alone is only interesting in a short-term challenge dimension. On a long-term situation, you will take a rock, you’ll draw it a face and you will speak it such as Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away! As Human Being, it takes at least two to live.


Anyway I don’t advice you to travel by two because you will be less flexible to take a decision. The fear of the unknown will stop you and you will choose the facility. But if you’re alone meet the unknown will be essential.  In fact, travel alone will oblige you to change by yourself. Both, this transformation will take a longer time because it’s the motivation of the other which will pull you to do something.

After one and a half months in Perth, I started to be boring. In my point of view, I had seen everything in this city and around. But now, I really love this place. What’s new? I’m not a traveller anymore. I’m becoming a resident with local friends.

I think to be a resident of each capital, city or village is a great opportunity that you should take. In fact it’s when you are becoming a resident that you can live the most deeply interesting things: their culture, their reality. You will discover the other 75% which stay invisible for tourists.

So take the time to stop!

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