Voyage en solo

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Travelling on your own gives you the opportunity to face who you are and what decision you may take: Here are several of my point of view when you travel on your own.

My mountain Bike with its trailer

My bike trailer test . Yes, I changed my point of view after lots of days of reflexion! My travel agent made me realise to travel in hitch-hiking is harder in Australia than in France. That’s not impossible but if you make the choice to go out the driver’s car in the middle of the […]

What jobs for a Globetrotter?

Whn you travel, two things are important to know: which will be the season? What are your skills? The season is important because all seasons are not favourable to find a job. That ‘s one of mistake I did by landing a little bit late in Australia, some days before the summer time. . . […]

A job, a house and a bicycle!

For 3 weeks I’m in Perth. After four days a little difficult, the pace of events was quickening;. Over next days, I met Sébastien with Azimuth Travel Australia, I did Rottnest Island and Penguin Island, Yannick and Arsène whose I take the place to work in a vietnamian fastfood  to Perth Train Station, Platform 5. […]

Soyez Fou!

To spice up this adventure, I suggest you a deal: Over my round the world, give me some challenges that I will have to try to realize in a specific place or unexplored! This idea didn’t appear alone! It blew out over an happy evening with my friends to the night market in Biarritz yesterday… […]

Pourquoi ne pas profiter de mon escale à Singapour?

Since one month, I think about where do I want to land in Australia? I’ve download the Oceania map to think about it. I hope to round the world after make money for one year in Austrilia. At the same time I want to test Outdoor products in wonderful landscape. So I decied to start […]