Products tested

Here is all the product I owned and tested during my World Tour Outdoor Experience!

Only One 35L backpack for 5 months: How to make it possible? 6

. I started to travel 14 months ago from Perth in Australia. Along my way, I’m always trying to push myself until I find what fulfills me with happiness. All these challenges gave me the opportunity to get closer to my personality and my inner voice. My instinct, sense of perception and energy provided me […]



Backpack Oesprey Aether 60L

This is the backpack I use during my trip in Australia. However, I didn’t really have the opportunity to carry it more than an hour because I was mainly on the road as passenger/driver inside a car or a van, in cities and never in the bush for a few days. Since I’m in the […]

MacBook Air mid 2012 2

Why did I buy a Macbook Air 2012? Yes, I’ve changed my laptop! 5 months ago when I was in Palmerston during my Woofing experience, I went with Trevor in town. He told me he will be busy for more than 30 minutes and suggested me to go to Cash Converter to have a look […]



Backpack Only One: The only one you need!

Introduction: I was looking for a backpack which allows me to come after my  McKinley backpack really uncomfortable and my netbook bag too big. With the Only One bag designed by AG Sportbags, I found an interesting way to organize all my digital equipment with enough space to do a short trip for few days! […]

Quechua: Sleeping Bag S15 ultralight

. Using time: 3 months . . . I bought this one when I was still in France because I had only a warmer sleeping bag to sleep when the temperature is around or under 0°C. It wasn’t really appropriate for Australia when we know than during the summer in Perth we had until 40°C […]