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Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Best free offline dictionary for Android : Ascendo 


Why do I need a free offline dictionary?


Currently I’m traveling in South America. So far, nothing special except one detail: I didn’t study Spanish at school. Let say I had a brief introduction at university. Of course there are many other ways to learn a new language quickly such as Rosetta stone (Yes! I used this one!). Using this software approximately 15min/day for two real months out of four was incredibly efficient when I was in Thredbo. But as you know there is no secret: if you don’t practise something, you will forget as quick as you learnt it. Two and a half months in South East Asia didn’t help…By the way I’m wondering how a few people manage to speak perfectly more than 5 languages!!!

This is why it’s useful for me having a dictionary on my Android devices I can consult anytime. I can built up my vocabulary and have a better understanding of this new “language world” that now surrounds me. However I need a certain kind of dictionary to suit my needs.

First of all this one must be offline. Every offline apps are very useful for travelers because we can’t always connect our smartphone to a network. Either we need an Internet hotspot or a 3-4G network; that means possessing a SIM card in our smartphone/tablet for an extra cost (our worst enemy!). If you’re a buffalo, you can still opt for the “I carry tons of books with me” but technologies are here to make our life easier. For sure those travelers will say “yes but I don’t need to plug my book to read it” or “I prefer paper”. Nowadays these things are not a real issue anymore. Technologies=more things andquicker access in smaller volume.

Secondary this offline dictionary must provide 99% of everyday life words…for free! To be understood you don’t need to buy the upgrade offering five times more words. If you manage to know every words present in the free offline dictionary, you will be fine. Now there is another criteria not many free offline dictionaries think about and it is why I’m writing this article.



Why Ascendo is the best free offline dictionary?


I didn’t realise it at first but Ascendo free offline dictionary stands out not only because is free or its ergonomic design is better or because it provides more words. The real difference is even better: this free offline dictionary integrates a powerful conjugation tool in both languages (English-Spanish, French-English, …).

A free offline dictionary is one thing but everyday life doesn’t work at the indicative form. We have many conjugation times to express ourselves and that is the hardest part to communicate comfortably. Here, Ascendo free offline dictionary stands out. Therefore I learnt six of the most important conjugation times in one afternoon bus ride and if I doubt, I can consult them immediately.


This free offline dictionary offers several useful expressions organized by categories when you are looking for casual informations. Those ones are easy to remember and you will use them daily. Therefore it is a good thing having those expressions quickly accessible.


Ascendo free offline dictionary offers two other tools: a translator and a game to memorize more words. However I don’t use these ones. I’m surrounding by spanish speaking people. Listening, reading, communicating and repeating are the optimum combination that will make the real difference to adapt myself in this new universe. Ascendo free offline dictionary is only here to help in the communicating and understanding exercises.

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